Introducing the Comfort CardsComfort Cards for TransitionsComfort Cards for Transitions

Comfort Cards for Transitions

A Small Deck of Comfort Offering a New Perspective During Transitions  Words of comfort to inspire and uplift you — to gift yourself or others — during the difficult times of transitions and change, with original inspirational art and words. Whether a new job, changing careers, or starting and ending relationships, you can feel a little lost […]

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Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck

Healing Fairy Alphabet deck

 Connect to your own inner stories and guidance with the help of Nature Introducing the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck. It’s whimsical, fun, thought-producing and Nature-honoring. Have fun chatting with whimsical blue herons, fairies in coats, and talking trees, while receiving inner direction.  Take the quiz! You might be part fairy. Let’s Play! Pick a card Which card are you drawn […]

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Idea Emporium design activity book peek

I invite you to explore the Idea Emporium Activity and Play Book. It’s a place where the impossible becomes possible with the help of design. Filled with doodling, drawing, coloring, creative writing and designing exercises to expand your imagination, my activity book in the making is a magical place. This special mall run by magical, ancient creatures sells the […]

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Your Turtle Shell

What a sensitive, empathic person desperately needs is strong boundaries and walls to keep out what you don’t need. Book two in the Help! I’m Sensitive series includes popular essays and tips to help you conquer living in today’s world even when you’re wired sensitively focusing on these strong boundaries. Includes the very popular Thoughts […]

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I want my words to inspire and uplift you.

I like to share what I’ve learned through designing ideas for things that help others in a fun, magical, inspiring way– whether a book, a digital storytelling video, a fairy card deck, or a creative online class.  And I make it all with my fairy magic in the design studio!

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