50 Days of Comfort Weekend: Expect Good Help and Using Your Spidey Sense

This week’s Featured Comfort Card:poker-card

I have a recurring dream. I end up on the same rocky road with my car. It’s next to a mountain and it’s the only way through. (Are you analyzing this yet?) I usually then have to travel by foot to get where I want to go, because my PT Cruiser can’t navigate or surpass the bumps. It’s a great deal of work, my feet hurt, and I’m by myself. No one is showing up. Sounds like a true Capricorn plight? We like to think we have to do everything by ourselves and then berate like crazy when we fail.

I’ve written before in my books bad encounters with doctors and veterinarians who were incompetent or un-knowledgable and my frustration and upset. In those situations, I always had to rely on myself to google, figure out, and research for myself or my animal companion. (I still lament visiting one vet that had no clue what simple kidney disease solutions there were). When I found out that I could just search out a different provider or help, everything changed. You mean I didn’t have to stay put and educate them and engage in this dance?

The other day I had a meeting with whom I had hoped was someone who would help me with develop an app for my Idea Emporium book. Within five minutes I knew this person was not a good fit for me. My empathic spidey sense gave me immediate clues: I felt shut down, bored, and antsy. I wanted to know where the exit was. He had boxed-in thinking: talked about why everything wouldn’t work, the statistics and zero chances. (Julia Cameron readers, we know that’s a no-no!) I could feel myself going backwards, inwardly, not in a good way. I had crawled into my turtle shell.

That spidey sense brilliantly was showing me that this was not the right help for me. If I wanted to get from one place to another, past those huge chunks of rock in the way, I needed a full terrain vehicle. Maybe one of those monster trucks that could help me. If I just went by foot, I’d take a few months to get there, and some vehicles, might even take me in the wrong direction (like talking to that gentleman.)

So next time, I need to expect good help. Expect I will have assistance that will get me where I need to go in the best way possible, with my eye on the destination. Will this take me there? Will this solve the problem? Then I avoid all that negative spiral thinking that has me repelling against myself.

From my book, Your Turtle Shell and Thoughts of a Sensitive


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