My *Story

Ronni Rose Swanson is D e s i g n i n g  F a i r y 

I basically do one thing. Designing is taking scattered pieces from different places and putting them together to make one big thing, and that thing has a purpose — a message or a tool that helps and teaches others. I’ve done this one thing for over twenty years in different mediums including creating a healing fairy alphabet deck to being one of the pioneers in the field in creating an online school in healing and animal communication. All my projects have stories that they tell.

Oh, and I am partial to working in tutus.

Biz core values

  • Wisdom
  • Empowerment
  • Delight
  • Fun Environment
  • Acceptance

When I became a designer/storyteller

When I look back to when I became a visual storyteller, it was my mom’s loving influence reading Aesop’s Fables to me at bedtime, and conjuring up stories to keep me still while she combed and tackled my long brown hair that was always filled with knots. We named the comb, Big Comb, and it had all kinds of adventures as a superhero. With the gift of a happy face bag filled with drawing supplies from a knowing relative I became an artist, and a whimsical one at that. That designer part I came in with– my brain loves putting together and solving a puzzle.

I later fell in love with Count Morbida from Dynamite magazine, who taught with fun games while pulling you into his gothic spooky world. The genius of Ed Emberley taught how to draw with a few whimsical lines. I wanted to teach with fun like they do, which would later inspire my online class creations.


I have lots of training through the years to make things, and my learning is always growing: the recent Art Box Institute from the Flagstaff Art Council, a Graduate Certificate in Educational Media Design and Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Art, Associate’s degree in Communication Design, Graduate courses in Illustration, experience on staff on newspapers and publications, lots of freelancing, and creative writing and painting classes from Yavapai College. I’m currently involved in an Animation Certificate program because I want to see my drawings and stories come alive.

Current Projects

I am busy putting my Comfort Card Line and Healing Fairy Alphabet Decks into stores to reach all who need a little comfort, and helping my Idea Emporium activity book and film come to life, as well as, working on freelance projects that excite me.


I live in sunny Arizona in a treehouse with my beautiful elf husband, three fairy step-children, and a giant dog that talks.

Fairy Logo 3 stars

R e s u m e  of  W o n d e r* 

Some of the ‘things” I’ve created:

  • Launched and ran the ten year-old, international Fairy Online School of Healing.
  • Wrote the popular Help! I’m Sensitive book series and viral “Are you a Sensitive?” quiz.
  • Starred in and contributed to the television pilot, Animalinks, shot in the beautiful Sedona, AZ.
  • Self-published the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck, and For the Love of Dog book.
  • Frequent essay contributor to Somerset Studio magazine Back Page column.
  • Writer of Word Swirls (Element Children’s Books) and Illustrator of Cooking Art (Gryphon House).
  • Has two decades of teaching experience creating creative syllabi, including college Book Design (Yavapai College)
  • Ran Ronnicards, custom pet portrait cards for pet owners
  • Handmade Dolls and Grief traveling exhibit


Appreciation for my writing and creations:

“I’m inspired by your creativity and your lightness of being — and how you combine all your gifts together…even your voice and your story telling in your videos is astoundingly potent and inclusive of what you’re aiming to relate.” — the wonderful Deb Burns

“Sending love, joy and admiration to you Ronni. If you only knew how much you’ve done for others (especially me) and the powerful goodness you bring to this universe just by being here…” — the sweet and fab Lori Blethen

“You help transform lives and ignite Magic through the mundane…you inspire others to be individual and to be open to their own gifts.” – the fabulous Jacqueline Johnson

“Your bright creative spirit shining through! And overall sweetness too. Your creative bandwidth is delightful…you’re a wonderful storyteller.”– the magical Kiya Cote

“Once again you have put something into words that I’ve been trying to explain for years.” — The gorgeous Tracy Moore

“You’re a creative genius…” — The talented Andrea Green


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