SUPPORT connecting to your intuition with the help of Nature

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The purpose of the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck: It’s whimsical, fun, thought-producing and Nature-honoring. Have fun chatting with whimsical blue herons, fairies in coats, and talking trees, while receiving inner direction. It’s practical, it’s Nature right here, not airy-fairy. 


With BONUS, 7 Fairy Princess Dress Cards Included with their own special meanings for you.

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Great jumping off points for creative writing prompts or nature education lessons!

The first Edition of the deck is SOLD OUT! Follow my Social Media

for the Second Edition details!

There will be Several Ways to Buy Your Deck:

  • 1. Buy on this site through Paypal here when the second edition is ready.
  • 2. You can also buy with credit card in my Etsy page Shop when the second edition is ready.
  • 2. Wholesale decks also available here. Perfect for catalogs and front counters.