Wholesale Collection

We have several products that we would love to have in your stores, online catalog, or subscription box. Our designs are original and created by Ronni Rose Swanson, Designing Fairy. Our current line includes:

The Comfort Card Line

   Boxeshere ad2

Comfort Cards for Transitions Set

Suggested retail: $24.99 

Volume discounts over 25 sets 

For more information go here


Comfort Card Line Mugs in three designs: Fly, Storm and Experiment

Suggested retail: $18.99 – $20.00

Volume discounts over 25 mugs

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 9.31.31 AM


Framed Comfort Card Prints (24 designs available)

Suggested retail: $24.99

Other Products — Books:


Help! I’m Sensitive book

Suggested retail: $8.99 – 11.99

Suggested retail: $14.99

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.44.39 AM

Your Turtle Shell book (Book 2)

Suggested retail: $12.99



Idea Emporium Postcards

Suggested retail: $1.99 (Great for the counter)

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