Give the Gift of Comfort


COMFORT CARDS PURPOSE: Twenty-four vibrant and whimsical inspirational cards (boxed set) to give or keep during times of change or transition. 

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“Ronni, I got my cards today and I love them. Such lovely prints and good quality paper, lamination. Good job. I picked a card out I really resonated with and propped it next to my computer…I’ll be getting more.” — Donna Clary 

When you can’t be there, give the gift of comfort.

Words of comfort to inspire and uplift you — to gift yourself or others — with original inspirational art and words. Whether a new job, changing careers, or starting and ending relationships, you can feel a little lost as you change and morph into something new. Pop a card in the mail for a friend, or save the cards for yourself, and post them on the mirror or tuck into a pocket as a reminder.


When my dear friends are going through the tough times in life, I wish I could be there with a hug and words of love and advice. So many of us are now scattered all over the globe and it is not always possible. And that’s when I came up with the Comfort Cards. I could pop a card into the mail to brighten their day. It took a long time to make the deck a reality, but now it’s here.

embraceadAnd not just for friends, I want this box of cards to be like a gentle hand and voice encouraging and cheerleading you during tough transitions and changes in your life. Cards are professionally commercially printed, slick, 3.5 x 3.5 and thin enough to fit into a card or envelope or popped on a mirror, and the deck is small enough to tuck into a purse or pocket.


Gentle advice when you need it. Great gifts for creative friends!

“I think your Storm Always Passes” design is destined to become a worldwide classic…” — Andrea Green, New Jersey


24 Cards of Comfort and Love. 

Comfort Cards Sheet

All these cool designs and uplifting sayings.

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  • 4. Wholesale decks also available here. Perfect for catalogs and front counters. 
  • comfortcardmugs

    The Storm Always Passes mug — a good reminder $18.99

    “I think your Storm Always Passes” design is destined to become a worldwide classic. It is gorgeous, so expressive in color and in detail. It brings hope just to look at it.” — Andrea Green, New Jersey


    She Could Fly inspirational mug


    Over here in my Etsy shop.

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